Heavy duty spot welders

The “400 Series” range of weld guns improves on the world-wide standard for excellence established by PW over the last 10 years. Many thousands of PW guns are installed, and operating 18 shift weeks in continuous production environments, these guns provide one of the most cost effective and long lived production tools available today.

Ergonomics was the name of the game when designing PW’s new range. The guns are smaller, lighter and more powerful and offer improved maintenance intervals as well as higher levels of operator safety.

The range covers all the way from small 25kVA X and C guns right the way up to 200kVA Medium Frequency guns, delivering 40kA welding and with the possibility of arms over 1000mm long.

All transformers are interchangeable, even the MF transformers, and the air cylinders’ unique modular construction allows quick changes and reduced spares holdings.

All guns are provided with a choice of weld controls, the Micro8 offering quality with simplicity and the WS2003 giving a full function control with heat stepping, monitoring, constant current and many other features.

Please click here to download the heavy duty spot welders technical data PDF sheet

Electrode arms

The electrode arms are important – they are the part which ensures that the user has correct access to the components to be welded. There is therefore an almost limitless range of designs, to which the drawings on this page are only a guide.

Please ensure that you give all the dimensions which are critical to your welding operation, including positions of jigs, fixtures and clamps. You will then receive a drawing confirming out interpretation of your requirements prior to production.


Heavy duty electrode arms drawing