Many operators nowadays take responsibility for the correct functioning of their welding equipment in line with TPM procedures. It is therefore important that the operator knows not only how the welding equipment functions, but that he should understand the basics of spot welding theory, for example the effect that spot diameter has on weld quality.

Armed with this knowledge he will quickly identify and be able to rectify minor problems which occur, understand why they are occurring and be able to brief maintenance staff more quickly and effectively.


On any project, large or small, it is important that welding equipment is correctly set and looked after. PW will train your maintenance engineers, either on your site or at Bicester. They will learn to strip and rebuild welding guns and understand the setting and diagnosis of weld controls so that weld quality can be assured.

Resistance welding

Spot welding seems to be the least understood of the resistance welding processes used in industry. PW’s training courses cover the whole resistance welding process, allowing students to understand what happens during a weld and teach the basic principles of good weld setting on a variety of materials.