Butt welders

PW’s range of butt welders covers materials from as small as 0,3mm diameter wire right up to 16mm dia bar. Flat strip components can also be welded.

The SG and EH welders are tried and tested designs, simple but effective in operation, which have serviced the requirements of UK industry for over 30 years. They can be mounted on trollies for general factory use, or bench mounted for production applications.

The SDT20 and 30 welders use the latest microprocessor technology, in conjunction with pneumatic forge pressure, to produce high quality welds on larger diameter materials.

Model SG1
Wires from 0,3mm to 1,0mm dia.

Model SG2
Wires from 0,5mm to 2,0mm dia.

Model SG3
Flat strip from 1mm to 15mm wide X 0,5mm to 1mm thick.
Non ferrous material 0,5mm to 3mm dia.
Integral lamps are available for precision work

Model EH1
Wires from 0,9mm to 6mm dia.

Model EH2
Wires from 2,0mm to 8,0mm dia.

Model EH3
Wires from 3,5mm to 9,5mm dia.
Model ECH Non ferrous wires from 0,9mm to 6mm dia. Integral lamps are available for precision work

Model SDT20
The SDT 20 is a pneumatically operated butt welder, fully automatic, with capacity for materials up to 150mm². The Micro 8 microprocessor based weld control ensures a high level of consistency and tooling can be manufactured to suit a variety of components.

Model SDT30
The same high quality construction as the SDT20, with increase capacity up to 200mm².