With either manual or robotic spot welding equipment it is vital that you get the best out of the equipment’s potential. For example, on robots the gun balancing must be correct, the tip gap set accurately and the cable loom position optimised to ensure long life.

PW can take full responsibility, dealing with installation of:

  • Pipework and services.
  • Overhead tracking systems.
  • Weld controls.
  • Weld guns.
  • Services monitoring (water flow, air pressure etc)

Using PW’s experienced installation teams will guarantee that your equipment performs at 100% from the word go.


Once installed, the welding equipment must be programmed for your work. On manual guns the balance must be correct and the operator must be able to move the weld gun over all parts to be welded. PW engineers are experienced in the setting of spot weld schedules and will optimise these to give you not only the best weld, but the shortest cycle time, so that production speeds are as fast as possible. We will advise on electrode tip dressing, system maintenance and all other aspects of spot weld systems.After SalesOnce installed, it is important that resistance welding equipment is regularly maintained in order to keep it operating at 100% efficiency. PW service personnel will carry out planned maintenance visits on all spot welding equipment if required.

Spot welding maintenance – electrode holders and gun spares

Regular maintenance visits are part of the PW service, with large stocks of welding spares such as electrode holders, tips and adaptors all available at short notice.

PW keeps a wide range of standard welding electrode holders, tips and adaptors in stock, all on same day despatch. Gun spares are available at short notice and we have the ability, with our in house design facility, to supply spares for equipment from other manufacturers.

Our in house sales personnel can give up to the minute technical advice on all aspects of resistance welding, and will help you sort out any problem associated with your spot welding equipment.